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Stationary care is a team effort

Effective treatment pathways require the collaboration of a multitude of different professions and specialists. To achieve the best possible results, everything has to fall into place meticulously. 

Our digital assistants streamline clinical workflows across different specialties and their respective IT systems. 

They help you get the job done by automating clinical processes and orchestrating collaboration in the most effective way.
The digital assistant supports
 you 24/7 to ensure that there is a consistent, high level, of care. Every day, in every team.
The best part? They came to stay.

Work smarter

Our digital assistants automate complex processes end-to-end. During the execution of the clinical pathway, you will have full transparency of the process. You don’t have to look things up on your computer or make phone calls: Your assistant will cater the necessary information to your mobile phone, just when it matters.

Trained for the job

Like any clinican, our digital assistants get trained for their specific job. We provide different pre-trained models, each of them equipped with a unique set of skills to tackle complex clinical problems:

Physician Assistant

This assistant supports you with the administrative tasks that you are facing on a daily base as a physician or surgeon.

  • Automation of Documentation
  • Mobile access to any information
  • Transparent clinical pathways
  • Safe & direct communication to any clinical colleague

OR Coordinator

The OR Coordinator makes the plan from OR management become reality: Orchestrating the peri-operative process from the patient’s admission to the recovery room.

  • Automated Tasks & Messages
  • Integration with OR Management products

Bed Management

Managing the occupancy of a hospital is a complex task of balancing elective contingencies with emergency cases. This assistant ensures there is a bed when you need one.  

  • Planning of elective patients 
  • Semi-automated assignment of emergency cases

How can we help you?

We love to train our assistants with new skills. Hence, we are always looking for ambitious clinicians that want to automate their processes and share our goal of providing excellent healthcare to everyone.
Sounds like you?